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30 January 2030 @ 03:55 pm
Santi || 15 yrs. old || Writer || Musician


I'm an open-minded person, but not really... I intend to change my mind so quickly and I have a very weird one. But what is that COMMENT TO BE ADDED thingy when I usually add all of the ones who add me here? Totally pointless, as others may say... But I'm capable of being a friendly person. I'm actually hard to get along with in person because I'm socially awkward. I do not talk to strangers in real life, so people here in the internet is safe from the total awkwardness.
16 October 2009 @ 12:57 am
(I will make this journal a public one. So if you are reading this, please continue... I really need your help.)

But first and foremost, I MISS ALL OF YOU! Especially my friends here. I don't need to enumerate those lovely people. I'm going to miss LiveJournal because I know that I'm not going to stay for long. My parents hate me because of low grades, which is an epic fail for me. So I want to take things slow. My stories are in drafts which is already finished (but 'Luckless Romance is still in progress, so please bare with me) Maybe later this month I can update it, which is a good thing, neh?

In other concerned stuff, I'm working on my Research Questionnaire. I don't mean to offend other people but I tackled about the Effects of Homophobia to the Homosexuals. I've done this because I have this same question running in my head. "Why are some Homosexuals not accepted by the society they're in?" It's already a FAQ, but I want to know that and I want other people to know that too. It's not really that hard but it's never simple. You see it's a very fun subject but it's also a very broad topic, isn't it?

As I've said, I don't mean to insult. But if you're interested in helping me and if you're also interested in making this Research Paper a successful one, that would be very much appreciated. I want Homosexuals to know that I'm not on their side and that I'm not also in the side of the Homophobes. I just want to make this Research Paper successful, and in order to do that, I need to be free from bias.

Because you see, I'm pretty much concerned about this kind of stuff. I have friends that are Homosexual and I can see some little parts of them that they're not complete. They're not complete in terms of the acceptance in the human society. I want people to know that all of us, human  beings, are created by god. And we have no right to discriminate them because they, we are created by god with his love.

So yeah, If you're interested... Just comment on this post or email me at prettyodd0630@yahoo.com 

Thank you and a very good day/night to all of you! :)

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music: The Show // Lenka
11 October 2009 @ 03:11 pm

Due to fucking stupidity, I will make this journal my writing journal AND my personal journal. Those entries will be "Friends Only" which is exactly the point.

So why make this journal my personal journal? As I've said, it's because of my stupidity. I forgot my password in my other account. And no matter how I try, I can't crack it. Damn! But yeah... I'm still going to be in haitus. But I wrote the other 3 chapters of my story "Luckless Romance"

So basically, this is just an update and a way of saying that I'm still alive. And yes, I just turned 15! (just sharing)

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